The Seal

The Seal is a single-player puzzle-platformer inspired by INSIDE, Prince of Persia, sokoban, and rube goldberg machines. Since it’s a puzzle game, the exact playtime varies from player to player, but a play through typically takes between 15 and 30 minutes for first-time players. This was my thesis project for my MFA in Game Design at DePaul. I defended my thesis and completed my degree in June of 2022. Download the game at itch.

Light Sucker

Locked dormant beneath the of the cobalt mines for centuries, Lampman is unwittingly freed by miners. Armed only with the ability to control lights, guide Lampman to the surface. But be warned, for the cave is full of dangers, and the miners will stop at nothing in their attempts to re-bury that which they have unearthed. Download and play on


A highly accurate social network simulator