A Dozen Small Games

(959 words, 5 minute read)

Who’s in my mouth?


Shock Troopers

variation: in addition to their bodies, each player may use a single paperclip



this game is dedicated to my Uncle Derry, who once played a session of Derry that lasted at least ten years


you may use whatever writing instrument you want but it must be consistent for the whole day, and the marks must remain on your face for the whole day. A standard ballpoint pen is the recommended writing instrument, but highly dedicated players may use a sharpie.

Rickles’ Pickles

Uncomfortable words


Pen pals for life

Are you Joshua?

you may use any other given name you wish

Various Lengths of String

you may use any type of string, twine, or yarn, but all players must use the same type of string, twine, or yarn.