Spikes and Vines

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So far my game doesn’t have much in the way of obstacles. I’d like to create a small mixture of obstacles. Obstacles should include stationary hazards like spikes and trap doors and pits, as well as reactive environmental obstacles like switches you step on that make darts shoot out of the wall (a classic temple obstacle). To get started, I put together some tests on spikes:

In my head, I’ve always thought of the spikes for this game to be like large vines with thorns. When I started playing with the spikes in the level editor, I was creating vines in my head to describe where the spikes would go, so I decided to just prototype out what the sections of vine might look like.

I’m really please with how little art it takes to convey an interesting idea with the vines having thorns, so I’m going to go a little deeper on this. My level editing tooling is very tedious to work with, so I’ll need to work on my tooling a bit in order to make the level design process smoother.