The Meaning of Treasure

The notion that we should seek treasure for the sake of treasure appears time and time again in video games. The player, venturing forth, uncovers a treasure chest. This is, invariably, for the player. Players could ask themselves “why do I want this treasure” or “why does my character deserve this treasure”, or “what does this treasure mean”. Do they? For most games, the world exists for the player; it is inert without the player.

We Carry

Two years ago, Johnson & Johnson cynically bought the top-level domain .baby (dot baby), seemingly in an effort to corner the concept of babies on the internet. A top-level domain can be purchased by anybody if they pay ICANN enough money. They’re also hilarious and charming, and every time I hear about an idiosyncratic TLD, I fire up my domain registrar’s admin panel and put a few in to see if I can pick up a cool newly-available domain name. This practice is getting increasingly dated as more and more TLD’s hit the internet.

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